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El Camino Real Charter High School


Mission Statement

The mission of ECR is to create an inclusive environment that prepares our diverse student body for the next phase of their educational, professional, and personal journey through a rigorous, customized academic program that inspires the development of students’ unique talents and skills, builds character, and provides opportunities for civic engagement and real-world experiences.


Vision Statement

We envision a charter school community committed to excellence and equity in education as evidenced by the inclusion of all stakeholders and by the innovative teaching methods that empower students to be independent, determined, and compassionate global citizens who think critically, collaborate confidently, and work passionately toward a shared and sustainable future. 


Expected Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s)

To succeed in a changing global community, all ECR students will be:

Critical Thinkers who:

·         Observe, interpret, analyze, evaluate, and integrate information.

·         Collaborate confidently in a variety of settings.

·         Develop multiple literacies (linguistic, environmental, historical, numerical, scientific, cultural, digital).

·         Make predictions based on evidence.

·         Produce claims with credible support.

·         Reassess previous interpretations when presented with new evidence.


Effective Communicators who:

·         Synthesize data from print and digital media.

·         Organize and prioritize information.

·         Express ideas with a deliberate use of rhetoric.

·         Consider audience by demonstrating clear and appropriate language and behavior.

·         Utilize technology to present findings purposefully.


Hard-working graduates who:

·         Achieve college education, career and individual goals.

·         Explore options and plan for success.

·         Persevere in the face of challenges.

·         Become informed, empowered decision makers.

·         Possess a sense of agency.

·         Exhibit professionalism in all endeavors.


Socially Responsible Citizens who:

·         Demonstrate compassion, honesty, and respect.

·         Utilize technology appropriately.

·         Live sustainability.

·         Engage in the civic process for diverse thoughts.

·         Work toward a just society.

·        Connect local issues to global systems, creating positive change.