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El Camino Real Charter High School


Cheer Team

Adviser Ms. Isom leads the El Camino Real Cheer Squad. Our cheerleaders can be found at many school events including football games, basketball games, and pep rallies. We also have a competitive cheer squad that competes in the Spring sports season.

Cheer Tryout Information:

Dear Cheer Applicant,

My name is Johanna Isom and I am the advisor and coach for ECR JV and Varsity Cheer. Any questions, please email me at or stop by my room at S-1.


JV and Varsity ECR Cheer Team Tryouts for the 2024-2-25 School Year

Tryouts for the cheer teams will be on the following days below. There are no makeup days. The first two days will be reviewing and practicing the required skills. The final day of Tryouts is the actual tryout day. We will warm up and practice for an hour and then tryouts will begin. Practices take place at El Camino Real Charter High School in Small Gym. Please do not be late. 

 Save the dates: Tuesday May 28, Wednesday May 29th, and Thursday May 30th. 

In Preparation of Tryouts:

 Tryouts will be in person. 

* In advance of tryouts, I will post the tryout routines on the school website: Under “Activities” menu, then “Cheer,” menu. Look for this on Tuesday May 16th after 4pm.

The videos will show specific requirements for tryouts. Practice please before you come to tryouts. 

 Videos will showcase the following: 1) a Cheer 2) a Dance 3) Jump Sequence 4) Push-ups 5) Tumbling

Attire for all days of tryouts – t shirt, stretchy shorts, hair in high ponytail, and cheer shoes or sneakers. No gum chewing or long nails for tryouts and this includes acrylic nails. No piercings. No jewelry. Please bring water with you and any snacks that you may need.

Other requirements for Cheer: Download forms on my Cheer page or pick up the forms in the Main Office at ECR. You must bring all of the items below with you to the first day of tryouts.

  1. Sports Physical: On the first day of tryouts, you must bring a completed sports physical. Bring the ECR form to a clinic that does sports physicals – but it must have a doctor’s stamp and signature on it. You may also get a physical from your doctor. There is an inexpensive clinic that does physicals. Do this as early as you can. Here are several places that do sports physicals. Please note that parents must be present at sports physicals. The cost is around 25 – 45 dollars.

    1. Dr. Robert Riggs. 20181 W. Saticoy Street Canoga Park CA 91306

    2. Exer Urgent Care 6440 Platt Avenue, West Hills, CA 91307 

  2. Emergency Card - please complete, print and bring with you to tryouts.

  3. Information Sheet – please complete, print and bring with you to tryouts.

  4. Report Card from 15 week – please print this out and bring it with you on the first day. You will need a 2.0 and if you are a current ECR student (9th – 12th grade), you may not have more than one U in cooperation.

Forms are below. Come prepared and have the forms filled out. If you do not have the completed information you will not be able to try out. Make sure to also bring a 15 week report card. 

  1. View/Download the Physical Exam form.

  2. View/Download the Emergency Contact form.

  3. View/Download your Cheer Info Sheet.

Specific requirements for tryouts:

There will be three judges. Three cheerleaders will try out together. Each judge will score the performance of an individual cheerleader. 

The categories for tryouts:

 Performance – this includes how you present yourself, rally, and how much energy and enthusiasm you have.

Cheer – you will learn a cheer. Please pay attention to your form, the sharpness of your movements, and your facials.

Dance – you will learn part of a dance.

Jumps – you will do three jumps in a row. You can do three toe touches, three side hurdlers, or a combination of both.

Push-up- you will be asked to do up to 20 push-ups with straight legs.

Tumbling – if you have tumbling, you will do a round off back handspring or standing back handspring. Please under no circumstances start learning a back handspring now. You have to be very confident in your tumbling. Note: If you perform a back handspring in tryouts, you must perform it all year at games.

*We also will ask applicants if they have stunting experience. We will then have you show us what you can do.

 Note about judging: We have Cheerleaders with ALL different levels of experience. Some cheerleaders take cheer classes at outside facilities and some do not – this does not work for or against you in tryouts. We like peppy, spirited cheerleaders who take direction and correction, are coordinated, energetic and respectful. Being on a drill team previously does not guarantee you a spot on the team. High school cheer has different requirements than middle school cheer. All incoming 9th graders are only eligible for the JV team. Many 9th and 10th grade cheerleaders stay on JV both years. Some 11th graders also are on JV. 

Additional Info:

Background info:

There are two designations for El Camino Cheer. Traditional sideline cheer for football games, basketball games, and events at school. We have two sideline teams : JV and Varsity.

The second designation is Competitive Cheer. We competed in 2019 - 2024, placed in regionals, and went on to compete in City Championships and won second place for City 2024. The practices for the Comp team are in the winter or spring semester and are extraneous. 

**If you make JV or Varsity Cheer, you need to commit to your sideline team AND the Comp team, and now stunt. Stunt is a new category of competition and girls that participate may be eligible for scholarships because it is a college sport. There are school wide tryouts for Comp Team in December for additional members.

  • Performance ability – many girls want to be on ECR Cheer but are uncomfortable performing. You have to be bubbly and like performing for crowds. You may get a little nervous, but that’s okay. Please understand that as a ECR Cheerleader, you have to really show your enthusiasm in your face, your body, and your voice. You can be shy in person, but when you cheer you have to be loud and be a performer.

  • Commitment is the most important thing. Cheerleaders need to commit to BOTH semesters – Cheer is a year-round activity that doesn’t allow cheerleaders to be in other sports. Any outside activities like dance, gymnastics, music lessons, tutoring cannot interfere with our practices, games or performances. There are no exceptions to this so please understand that practices are Mondays and Wednesdays in the fall – 6th period until 5:00pm after school, Friday football games; Spring Wednesdays and Fridays are basketball games and comp cheer practices.

  • Our practices start in the summer after we pick the JV and Varsity teams. We have a several weeks of practice in late June and July. We have two days of practice per week usually every other week for the summer – sometimes less. We know that family vacations happen in the summer, but please attend most practices. Practice times are for several hours in the afternoon. Girls who cannot come to summer practice for whatever reason, may not be put in the dance routines for the upcoming season, and if they do not know all of the cheers by the time school starts, will not be able to cheer the football games. They will be required to attend all practices to get ready for basketball games.

  • Once the fall semester begins: We have practices after school on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:20pm – 5pm or 5:30pm. These practices are mandatory. Football games are on Friday evenings. So the most important thing is to realize that cheer takes up an enormous amount of time and we only excuse girls with an emergency medical note from the doctor the day of a missed practice or game. So, birthday parties, camping trips, ski trips will have to be missed if you are a cheerleader at El Camino. Also, another important note- cheerleaders need to schedule all appointments: tutoring, dental, orthodontist, etc., for days when we don’t have after school practice.

  • For the spring semester we have Basketball season – the games are Wednesdays and Fridays after school for JV and at 7pm for Varsity. 

  • For the spring semester we also practice for our Competitive Cheer competitions.

We provide all cheerleaders a uniform when they make the team. This is loaned to the cheerleaders for the year. There is no cost to parents. Uniforms must be returned at the end of the season. We do not sell our uniforms and lost pieces are very expensive. Once on the team, you will need to purchase cheer shoes.

Please email me any specific questions. 

Thank you,

Ms. Isom

 Any questions, please email me