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El Camino Real Charter High School


Ms. Carter is the advisor for our award winning journalism program. Students in this program take the introductory Journalism 1 class and then proceed to the Journalism 2 class which produces the school newspaper, The Royal Courier. 


The Royal Courier

The Royal Courier is the official student newspaper for El Camino Real Charter High School. Students in the advanced journalism class publish an issue monthly.

If you are interested in joining Journalism please contact Mrs. Carter via email at! 😃

Editors in Chief: Jenna Espinoza & Sydney Keane

Head Copy Editors: Kyleigh Zvara & Victoria Matz

Marketing Manager: Kasey Lee

News Editors: Kaley Samiian & Isabel Rose

Features Editors: Kasey Lee & Isabel Rose

Opinion Editors: Sydney Keane & Victoria Matz

Arts and Entertainment Editors: Jeanna Espinoza & Kyleigh Zvara

Sports Editors: Kasey Lee & Kaley Samiian

Staff Writers: Sophia Apolaya Diaz, Sylah Hill, Jessica Khandouzi, Estephanie Lopez, Oliver Yuval

Discover the latest news, events, and stories that matter most to our school community with The Royal Courier.

Stay informed, inspired, and engaged with articles written by our talented student journalists. From campus happenings to in-depth features, The Royal Courier is your go-to source for all things school-related. Dive into our latest edition today!

Click here to visit the royal courier website

Previous Issues of The Royal Courier