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As of October 28, 2021


Fall Sports are now entering the CIF-LA postseason:
ECR Girls Tennis: #3 in the CIF-LA Open Division Girls Tennis Playoffs

-Team completed the season in the Semifinal Game vs Granada Hills CHS


ECR Girls Volleyball - #4 in the CIF-LA Open Division Girls Tennis Playoffs. Team also qualified for the SoCal CIF Regional Playoffs

-Will play in the Semifinal Game at #1 Venice HS on Tuesday, November 2, 2021


ECR Boys Water Polo - #9 in the CIF-LA Boys Water Polo Playoffs

-Will play in the 1st Round Game at #8 Venice HS on Monday, Tuesday, November 1, 2021


ECR Girls Golf:  CIF-LA Girls Golf Championships on Wednesday, November 4, 2021


ECR Football: Seeding and playoff information will be announced on Saturday, October 30, 2021


ECR Cross Country: West Valley League Finals at Pierce College on Thursday, November 5, 2021, 11:00am


ECR Athletics Hall of Fame:

ECR is planning on establishing an El Camino Real Athletics Hall of Fame. Plans are to have an induction ceremony in the Fall of 2022 or Spring of 2023. 

More information to come.


Go ECR!!




As of July 20, 2021


The 1st day of school is Monday, August 9, 2021.


As of now, the plan is for a on-campus return for instruction. There are plans that are still in development and can change depending on the direction of the LA County of Public Health and LAUSD (oversees the ECR property). 


All students who have been vaccinated will need to submit their verification cards at some point. Students who are not vaccinated will have to continue to be COVID tested regularly. All students will have to wear face masks, vaccinated or not, in the classroom.


If the student (and/or staff) do not test, if not vaccinated, the current guideline states that they will not be allowed on campus. Students will have to log in to the "Royal Pass" app daily.


We will continue to advocate social distancing, wearing a mask, sanitizing equipments after use, and personal hygiene by all participants.




We will try to approach the sports year as normal as possible, where allowed.


Tryouts:  We have shared throughout this time to have a physical completed and submitted to the Nurse immediately. The dates, times, and locations for the tryouts have been listed on the school calendar and the tryout information link. Click here as well for the 2021-22 ECR Tryouts Schedule.


Forms: There are specific forms that will need to be completed

  1. Physical (Asthma form if needed)
  2. Emergency Form (given to the Head Coach)
  3. Waiver, Consent and Acknowledgement of Risk of COVID-19 For Students Participating in Athletic Events
  4. Proof of Medical Insurance

New Bell Schedule:  6th period will now start at 2:49pm and end at 3:45pm on a normal day.  Everyone will have to adjust their timetable since the day will start later.  0 period is 7:27am to 8:23am.


2021-22 School Calendar:  Please click this link to review the school 2021-22 calendar dates.


With the new bell schedule, it will make an impact on gamedays.  Students will miss 5th period more than usual due to the new bell schedule and agreed game schedule per sport. We will make an attempt to start the games later to lessen the impact but it is not guaranteed. 


Sports Eligibility: No Change

  1. All students are required to maintain a 2.0 minimum, non-weighted, GPA at the 10 and 20 week report cards
  2. Only 1 "U" is allowed on the 5, 10, 15, 20 report cards in Citizenship/Cooperation
  3. All students must be enrolled in 4 classes at ECR
  4. An annual physical 
  5. Proof of Medical Insurance
  6. All Athletic Paperwork and Transportation Paperwork (including verifying attached documents)

Once tryouts are completed and the students are placed in the programs then more specific information will be shared by the head coaches.


Practice:  All student-athletes will be required to attend the 0 period or 5th or 6th period sports class daily. Attendance will be officially taken. Unless there is a change, lockers will be provided. We will have 3 sports seasons so students will be able to participate in multiple sports. 


Student-Athletes will practice according to the coach's practice plans. 


Games:  We are looking forward to a regular game schedule. We are looking forward to having spectators cheer and support the athletes. The teams will travel by bus.


As we get closer to August 9, please continue to review the information on the school website for updates.


Go ECR!!!



As of June 4, 2021


We have begun to prepare for the 2021-22 school year.  Please click the google form link below so the head coaches can have the contact information.


We will have a few sports teams that scheduled tentative tryouts in June: Football, Girls Volleyball, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball.


Please complete the contact form for the coaches: 2021-22 Tryouts at ECR.


1. All participants will need to complete a physical and submit it to the Nurses Office ASAP. (Asthma forms will be required for those that need it)

2. Emergency Forms must be completed and given to the football coaches on the 1st day of tryouts.

3. Proof of Medical Insurance copied with the Emergency Form

4. COVID Risk Acknowledgement


There may be other required forms added.


We are awaiting the changes in the guidelines from the LA County Department of Public Health on June 15, 2021 and will make the necessary adjustments.




As of February 22, 2021


ECR has started on campus conditioning activities for the sports of: Baseball, Football, and Tennis. We will have Cross Country, Softball, Boys Golf scheduled to meet for in person training next.


All student athletes, coaches, and support staff are required to wear a face mask at all times, remain 6 feel apart or more, bring their own water bottles, dressed ready to work, have a transportation plan, enter and exit through 1 designated gate, arrive on time and depart on time. 


We will continue to follow all LA County Health Guidelines, protocols, and guidelines.


For our aquatics sport teams, we are still awaiting an update on pool availability before we move to the next step.


Football, Baseball, Softball, Girl Lacrosse, Soccer, and Water Polo needs to be in the red tier (specifically 14 per 100,000).  Please continue to help curb the spread and follow all guidelines.


Go ECR!!!



As of February 10, 2021


ECR will begin on-campus conditioning activities for our sports programs on 2/16/21. 

The head coach of each program will discuss with their students and parents. 


These are the requirements for students:
1. Physical

2. Academic (2.0 GPA, No more than 1 "U" in Citizenship/Cooperation

3. NFHS COVID19 Course for Coaches and Administrators

4. Spring 2021 Survey for Parents and Students (Google Form)

5. Spring 2021 Waiver, Consent and Acknowledgement of Risk for Parents and Students (Google Form)

6. Transportation Plan

7. Emergency Form

8. Parent/Guardian Permission


Students will instructed to enter through 1 specific entrance at assigned time.  And exit at a different gate to prevent intermingling.


All school developed protocols must be followed. Click here for specific information.


The sports in the Purple Tier will be encouraged to participate, in anticipation of games. However if a team is has not met the requirements or opts not to participate on campus then other teams who are ready will be invited.


All protocols, guidelines, instructions must be diligently followed by all participants.

Go ECR!!



As of February 9, 2021


We are continuing to await further guidance from the LA County Department of Public Health for the CIF Sports that are designated in the purple tier - Cross Country, Golf, Swimming & Diving, Tennis, and Track & Field.


Cross Country is the only purple tier sport that is calendared in Season 1. The other sports are Season 2 sports. (Swimming and Diving will be depending on pool accessibility.)


Cross County competition has started in other neighboring counties. (High Schools in the CIF-LA have not started yet.)

There may still be some spots in these programs. If your child is interested in participating in the program, please complete the questionnaire. Your contact information will be sent to the respective coaches. 


All requirements must be met. Physical, 2.0 GPA with no more than 1 "U" in Citizenship, and all other paperwork.


There is no guarantee we will have a season but if there is one, then it will most likely be shortened and limited.


Because of the timing and restrictions, prior experience, skills, and maturity will be necessary.


Please click the link and complete:  Questionnaire (Purple Tier Sports)


Go ECR!!



As of January 28, 2021


California has lifted the "Stay-At-Home" order on Monday, January 25, 2021. However we are currently awaiting approval for he Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LADPH) to provide guidance, and even approval, for the allowance of youth sports in the purple tier to start. The only purple tier ("Widespread") sport in Season 1 is Cross Country. (Season 2 sports include: Boys Golf, Girls Golf, Boys Tennis, Girls Tennis, Swimming and Diving, and Track and Field.). The sports listed in the red tier ("Substantial"): Baseball, Softball, and Girls Lacrosse would be the next set of sports allowed to compete if LA County can transition to the red tier. Click here for additional information from the California Department of Public Health.


The CIF Office has created Guidelines and COVID-19 Modifications for its sports. Click here to review your sport.  


As of January 26, 2021, only 3 counties are listed in the red tier and 1county in the orange. All the other counties in California remains in the purple tier. Click here for additional information.


In the meantime, we continue to urge our students to attain a physical and submit it to the school nurse.


Also to continue to work out, stay in shape, and maintain a healthy lifestyle while at home. Once our administration approves reconditioning activities, we will make arrangements to restart the on-campus activities. The head coach from each program will contact the student athletes.


El Camino Real Athletics remains committed to the safe return of our student athletes. We urge all of our stakeholders to adhere to the State and County Health Guidelines, practicing social distancing, wearing a mask, limiting your gatherings, etc.  The COVID-19 data must improve before we can return to normalcy.


Go ECR!!



As of January 19, 2021


On January 19, 2021, the CIF-LA announced the cancellation of the CIF-LA playoffs and championships for this sports in Season 1: Football, Girls Volleyball, and Boys/Girls Water Polo. (Cross Country was not been canceled.) The decision was made to provide more time for these sports to have a chance to play regular season games. 


The opportunity to play CIF games continues to be dependent on the Current Stay At Home Orders. LA County must meet the standards established by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH)  and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LADPH).  


The start dates for Season 1 sports have been pushed back to March 2021. 


There will be an update for Season 2 sports in the next couple of weeks.


Please continue to social distance, wear a mask, wash/sanitize your hands, and limit your gatherings. The messaging to slow the spread has not changed. For high school sports and normalcy to return, the COVID-19 data must improve.


CIF-LA Statement - 1/19/21

CIF-LA Revised Start Dates for Season 1 Sports as of 1/19/21


Go ECR!!



As of 12/8/20


On December 1, 2020, the CIF State Office announced the postponement of the start of the 2020-21 CIF Calendar. Official practice for Season 1 Sports was scheduled to start on December 14, 2020. It will be delayed until after January 2, 2021. A new start date was not announced. The decision to postpone was based on the most recent surge of COVID numbers. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has postponed the release of the updated guidelines for athletic teams and competition. In addition, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LADPH) has also not released guidelines for competition and use of indoor facilities. 


All student athletes in the sports class periods will continue to meet virtually through Teams until the end of the semester. We anticipate starting the Spring 2021 Semester in the virtual setting as well.


We encourage all our students athletes, coaches, staff, and all stakeholder groups to continue to, in a safe manner and following county health guidelines, remain physically active. 


Our next update from the CIF Office will be given as early as January 2, 2021 to January 19, 2021.


We are in a fluid situation however we remain cautiously optimistic that conditions will improve with time. If the COVID-19 stats changes where it allows for normal practice and competition, we expect to have a short period of time to condition/prepare physically, play a limited game schedule, possibility of no spectators in the stands, and several other conditions that will need to be met. 


We advise all to complete the prerequisites now:

- Physical (renew for returning student athletes)

- Emergency Form

- Complete the NFHS COVID-19 Course for Coaches and Administrators (having all students and coaches complete as a prerequisite)


There will also be a Survey for Parents/Guardians and a waiver form but the links will be provided by the respective coach once we are closer to the restart.


In regards to tryouts, once allowed, it will be announced on the website and the ECR Athletics Twitter site. Tryouts will be short and modified. The prerequisites will be the same as noted above. Please have a physical, emergency form, and complete the NFHS COVID-19 Course completed soon. Otherwise time may not be on your side.


Please continue to social distance, wear a mask, wash/sanitize your hands, and limit your gatherings. The messaging to slow the spread has not changed. For high school sports and normalcy to return, the COVID-19 data must improve.


CIF Office Statement - 12/1/2020

CIF-LA Office Statement - 12/2/20


Go ECR!!



As of 8/6/20


The 1st day of school is Monday, August 10, 2020. All students will receive an email from their teachers with information on login information to the teacher's Canvas Page. The teacher's Canvas page will have course description/expectations, grading system, and other class norms. Also the Canvas page will have a link to the Microsoft Teams link. Each student will have to click that link at the start of their class period and remain until the end of the period. Every class will meet virtually on the Microsoft Teams page. Follow your teacher's instructions.


Students can also find the Canvas page on this link:

All students will be required to use their school issued laptops.


All returning student athletes should contact their coaches. The process will be the same for the class period. All meetings and workouts will be virtual. Unfortunately because we were unable to have tryouts, most of the sports teams do not have space to add students to the class roster. 


The CIF has created a sports calendar that starts in December 2020. LA County must curb the COVID spread, please wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands, and follow the guidelines.


We would like to start Phase 1 of our Return to Sports which will be primarily conditioning activities. Stay in shape, find ways to get stronger and faster, demonstrate character and resilency, and do well in the classroom. 


Where possible, get a physical completed now and turn in to the Health Office.


2020 has proven to be a year like none other. Keep your spirits up in the face of the challenges.


Our coaches and athletic administration welcomes the Class of 2024!  We eagerly away the moment when we can return to in person, on campus meetings.


Go ECR!!!



As of 7/20/20


CIF-LA has released a schedule for the 2020-21 sports season. There are now 2 seasons of high school sports. We will not have sports until January (practice may begin in December pending conditions).


Fall Sports (December 2020 to April 2021) will include Competitive Cheer, Cross Country, Football, Boys & Girls Volleyball, and Boys & Girls Water Polo.


Spring Sports (February 2021 to June 2021) will include Baseball, Boys & Girls Basketball, Boys & Girls Golf, Boys & Girls Lacrosse, Boys & Girls Soccer, Softball, Swimming & Diving, Track & Field, and Boys & Girls Wrestling. 


The schedule is currently being revised. Our plans and procedures are in development. Both will be released soon so our coaches, student athletes and parents/guardians can prepare for the upcoming school year.


All dates and information are subject to change.

Letter to Student Athletes and Parents and Guardians.


CIF-LA Section Office Statement


CIF-LA 2020-2021 Sports Calendar 



As of 7/15/20


Jason Sabolic has been named the ECR Football Head Coach. He is the 8th to carry that title in school history.





As of 7/11/20


On July 20, 2020, the CIF Office will announce its plans for the upcoming 2020-21 sports calendar.


Our status has not changed as of today.


Thank you to all that have completed the Athletic Interest Google Form. When we have new information, the head coaches from the respective sports will contact returning student athletes as well as new students. They will send out info by sport.


Until then continue to stay in shape (cardio), work out, focus on nutrition and diet, and stay hydrated (especially with the summer heat).


Continue to practice social distancing, wear a mouth/nose cover when you leave your home, and wash your hands.


If possible, complete an athletic physical.


As of 6/24/20


Thanks to all of the students and families for completing the 2020-21 Athletics Interest survey. 


Here is a Athletics FAQ from the common questions that were asked on the survey. (Click).


We are currently still restricted from having any on-campus meetings and continuing to monitor the updates on a daily basis.

Please put on a mask when leaving the home.


If possible, please have a physical completed. It will be required for all incoming students who will take part in any future tryout, workout, or conditioning opportunities.


Here is the current athletic pre-participation physical form (Click).

(Note: we are currently developing an updated athletic physical form but this one can be used in the meantime.) 


Physical forms can be dropped off with in the box for the Health Office in the Main Office (Please keep a copy for yourself).


As of 6/17/20


El Camino Real is committed to keeping Athletics for the 2020-21 school year. However all activities are still suspended as we are currently adhering to the COVID19 guidelines for the various governing agencies. We are continually monitoring the updates and reviewing "Return to Practice" guidelines from the NFHS and the CIF Offices. 

For students that are new, and those returning, to ECR, please click this link. We are gathering contact information to disperse information as it develops. Note: Coaches will have the contact info for student-athletes from last year's team.


In the meantime, if possible, please schedule and complete an athletic physical. The physical form can be downloaded from the "forms" link on the Athletics tab. Physicals can be submitted to our Health Office during current school hours.


As of 6/10/20


The 2019-20 school year has ended. For athletics we are in the offseason/summer part of the year. However due to restrictions by the various governing and educational agencies, we are unable to announce any tryout dates, camps, conditioning/workouts/meetings, etc.


We are closely monitoring the updates from the Governor's Office, California Department of Education (CDE), LA Mayor's Office, LACOE, LAUSD, CIF Office, and the various health agencies.


Once the restrictions are lifted, we will inform all of our returning student athletes and announce the tryout dates for the incoming students.


As of March 13, 2020, due to the COVID19 pandemic, El Camino Real has suspended all athletic contests for the health and safety of all athletes, coaches, game management personnel, and spectators.


As of April 3, 2020, the CIF Office and CIF-LA Office have officially canceled the 2020 Spring Sports Season. (See attached statements)


El Camino Real High School is a member of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), CIF-Los Angeles Section (CIF-LA), and West Valley League.


El Camino Real offers 26 CIF-Approved Programs.


Participation in the school’s athletic program is a privilege not a right. All students will have an opportunity to try out for each respective team. However, each team has a limited number of spots or positions available. Please note that playing time in games is earned by the athlete and given at the discretion of the coach and his/her coaching staff.


Follow ECR Athletics on Twitter:


Sports Programs Offered:

Fall Team Sports

• Boys Cross Country: FS & Varsity 

• Girls Cross Country: FS & Varsity 

• Football: JV & Varsity

• Girls Golf: Varsity

• Girls Tennis: Varsity 

• Girls Volleyball: FS, JV, & Varsity 

• Boys Water Polo: JV & Varsity

• **eSports: Varsity 


Winter Team Sports

• Boys Basketball: FS, JV, & Varsity

• Girls Basketball: JV & Varsity

• Boys Soccer: JV & Varsity

• Girls Soccer: JV & Varsity

• Girls Water Polo: JV & Varsity

• Boys Wrestling: JV & Varsity

• Girls Wrestling: Varsity


Spring Team Sports

• Baseball: FS, JV, & Varsity

• Boys Golf: Varsity 

• Competitive Cheer: Varsity 

• Boys Lacrosse: JV & Varsity

• Girls Lacrosse: JV & Varsity

• Softball: JV & Varsity

• Boys Swimming and Diving: JV & Varsity

• Girls Swimming and Diving JV & Varsity

• Boys Tennis: Varsity

• Boys Track and Field: FS & Varsity

• Girls Track and Field: FS & Varsity

• Boys Volleyball: JV & Varsity

• **eSports: Varsity 


**eSport is aligned with the Fall and Spring sports seasons 

The CIF, through a partnership with PlayVS, is providing a platform and guidance for CIF Member schools to participate in electronic competitions, commonly referred to as esports. The eSports program is not a class and does not meet Physical Education requirements.