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El Camino Real Charter High School

Athletics Retum to Conditioning Activities Only (COVID-19)



To Our Student Athletes and Parents/Guardians:


The El Camino Real Athletic Department is committed to the safe return of our student-athletes. The State of California and Los Angeles County Public Health departments have provided an opportunity for modified conditioning only activities. We will follow the guidelines designed to ensure the well-being of our athletes, coaches, and support staff. 


It will be a systematic process as teams will be transitioned in accordingly. Understanding we are in a fluid situation, we have created a best practice policies and procedures that will make up our our protocol. All coaches and students must fulfill all prerequisites before they will be scheduled.


These activities are strictly voluntary. Participation does not guarantee a spot on the team nor will it have a negative impact on the student's grade in the sports class.


All participants are required to wear a mask​​​​​​​ and follow social distancing protocols at all times, from the moment they get out of the car or arrival to their departure from campus. All activities are designed to ensure there is enough space for our teams to physical distance and limit exposure. 


All participants will be screened, temperature taken each day, and will log into the COVID19-Symptom Checker (Google Form) at the check in gate prior to entering campus.


All participants must not have any symptoms or signs of COVID19​​​​​​​. If the student or anyone in household exhibit symptoms or sign, they must communicate with their coach and remain home​​​​​​​ (and seek additional medical care).


Coaches will discuss and collect all prerequisites from students prior to returning to campus. All parents/guardians and students must consent as well as complete the waiver. Reopening of COVID19 Athletics: Conditioning Activities.


Students are required to bring their own water, towel, and personal hand sanitizer. Students will need to be dressed ready for outdoor conditioning. Students will be in groups (pods) of 5-10 students. Activities will last 60-75 minutes max.


Please read the COVID 19 Return to Activity Policies and Procedures.


Entrance and Exit (Map)​​​​​​​:

All approved teams participating in the Return to Conditioning Activities are required to check in at the Cafeteria service road gate and exit at the S6/Lower B gate.


Parents/Guardians may drop off students in the cafeteria gate but must leave the cafeteria parking lot immediately (to maintain the flow of traffic). Parents/Guardians may wait at the Student Parking lot but must remain inside the car until the student completes their workout and exits through the S6/Lower B gate.


All students who have cars are to park in the student parking lot and walk past the front of the school, to the cafeteria gate entrance. (Even if other gates or doors are open, all checks in will be held at that gate.)


The designated coach in charge of the pod will meet the their group at the entrance gate and escort them to the exit gate.


Although the CIF Office has created a 2020-21 Sports Calendar​​​​​​​, competition has not yet been approved. All conditioning activities will have restrictions.


All protocols, guidelines, instructions must be diligently followed by all participants.


Please contact Richard Yi, Athletic Director for any questions or concerns: