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El Camino Real Charter High School

RISE Africa American Parent Group


We are a parent-led group advocating for all Black Students at El Camino Real Charter High School which comprise less than 10% of the overall enrollment. With a focus on education, we believe Black Students at ECR can exceed expectations while changing the narrative of underachievement. As our name implies, we are Reaffirming our Investment in Supporting Excellence.

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2022-2023 Meeting & Activities List

All Meetings Scheduled the 4th Wednesday of the Month

Month Meeting Date & Topic/Meeting Activity
September 2022 9/21* - Student Mental Health & Stress Management, ECR Wellness Center
October 2022 10/26 - Everything College & HBCUs
[ECR Counselors & College Couselors, ECR Step Team (if available), HBCU Alumni and CSUN]
November 2022 11/16* - High School Interventions, Graduation & Beyond
Special Education Guidance & Resources
December 2022 12/9* - Holiday Mixer (Location TBD)
January 2023 1/25 - Financial Aid for College
February 2023 Monthlong Black History Month Celebration in conjuction with BSU & ECR Activities
March 2023 3/22 - Pierce College
ECR Counselors & Pierce Umoja Program
April 2023 4/26 - TBD
May 2023 5/18* - Celebration and Request for Scholarship Entries
All meeting dates subject to change * = Meeting not on the 4th Wednesday of the Month due to upcoming holidays