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El Camino Real Charter High School

General Complaint Procedures

General Complaint Procedures


El Camino is always looking to improve, and your good-faith questions, suggestions and concerns are always welcome. El Camino has adopted this General Complaint Policy to address concerns about the Charter School generally or regarding specific employees. For complaints regarding harassment or perceived violations of state or federal laws, please refer to the Charter School’s Policy against Unlawful Harassment and/or the Charter School’s Uniform Complaint Procedures. For all other complaints, the General Complaint procedures will be appropriate.


In general, it is best to resolve any issues informally via communication between the two parties (e.g., the teacher and parent). For example, for a classroom concern, a parent would do the following:

1. Communicate with the teacher. If the issue cannot be resolved at this level, proceed to the next step.

2. Communicate with the Administrative Director in charge of that department. Click on this link to see who oversees each department.


For issues that cannot be resolved with the previous steps, complainants may file a written complaint with the Executive Director (complaints about the Executive Director should be filed with the Board Chair).


For written complaints to the Executive Director or Board Chair, please include the following information:

• Your name and contact information

• Date of incident/concern

• Individual(s) involved

• Description of incident/concern

• Description of actions already taken (e.g., communication with Administrative Director)


In processing the complaint, the Executive Director (or designee) shall abide by the following process:


1. The Executive Director or designee shall use his or her best efforts to ascertain the facts relating to the complaint. Where applicable, the Executive Director or designee shall talk with the parties identified in the complaint or persons with knowledge of the particulars of the complaint to ascertain said facts.

2. In the event that the Executive Director (or designee) finds that a complaint against an employee is valid, the Executive Director (or designee) may take appropriate action to resolve the problem. Where the complaint is against an employee of the Charter School, the Executive Director may take disciplinary action against the employee. As appropriate, the Executive Director (or designee) may also simply counsel/reprimand employees as to their conduct without initiating formal disciplinary measures.

3. A final response to the complaint may take up to 60 days. All efforts will be made to complete the investigation in a timely manner.

4. The Executive Director’s (or designee’s) decision relating to the complaint shall be final unless it is appealed to the Governing Board. The decision of the Governing Board shall be final.